Arguments against sex ed in schools in Hervey Bay

Clearly a bad trend that needs to be reversed. Health educators, school board members, school administrators, arguments against sex ed in schools in Hervey Bay, health professionals, clergy, and students should work together to establish and protect comprehensive sexuality education programs.

In the age of Innocence vs. Any curriculum that elevates personal subjective feelings over science has no place in the public schools. Your statistics show you that. While many parents think that explaining the consequences of sending out explicit images will get teens to stop, they may be missing the point.

She needs to know how boys feel.

This almost guarantees their life of poverty, higher risk for sexual victimization, drug use, and dropping out of school. I can see why Christian parents would be against this. For example, Morrell is incorrect when he refers to the Healthy Youth Act as a curriculum, Gregson said.

Many feel uncomfortable because they lack training. These curricula are laden with scientific and medical inaccuracies, sexist and racist stereotypes, and religious prescriptions for proper behavior and values.

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Meanwhile, only nine states require inclusive discussion of sexual orientation in sex-ed classes. Neither organization returned multiple calls and emails seeking comment. This may not alarm parents who have no issue with the current sex-ed curriculum.

But, Barcelos said the biggest problem the United States faces in sex education is the huge discrepancy of what students learn state-to-state. The members of the group being slandered here do not identify, and are not in any calculable way made up of, conservative Christians.

Restrictive "Stress Abstinence" Legislation State laws and regulations requiring schools to "stress abstinence" in their sexuality education courses have proliferated in recent years. Kim, like Barcelos, said this form of sex education can be uninclusive to many, as it is typically heteronormative and sex-negative.

Many states sponsor some form of sexuality education through laws, regulations, or recommendations. The schools needs to stay out of this.

Arguments against sex ed in schools in Hervey Bay

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