Jedi council sex ring in Broken Hill

After the planet Kiros fell under the threat of Separatist invasion, Tano accompanied Skywalker, Kenobi, Rex, and Cody to assist the planet's native Togruta population. They later learned it was the Trade Federation Directorate, not Valorum, who had been Havoc's jedi council sex ring in Broken Hill all along.

Mundi often had trouble understanding his wives' emotions and responding accordingly, which would upset them further. Tano began to grow frustrated with Skywalker after he continually cut her off during the briefing for the next stage of the mission, believing that she had not earned her master's complete trust.

Tano acrobatically freed herself and beheaded a group of Mandalorians approaching her before dueling Vizsla. Mundi then ordered his crew to prepare for an air battle and piloted the ship toward the Hutt Citadel, where they were pursued by several atmospheric flyers. Ki-Adi-Mundi fighting divviks as he attempts to reach his kidnapped daughter.

Infiltrating Bane's frigatethe two Jedi stormed the bridge, using R2-D2 to access the ship's computer to locate Ropal. Too late, Mundi realized Jedi council sex ring in Broken Hill tricked him into addressing the crowd because Bron knew it would anger them and make Bron himself appear accepting of outsider opinions.

Jedi council sex ring in Broken Hill

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Nevertheless, Mundi detected that Hett remained with the light side of the Force and asked him to return to the Jedi Order to help combat the rising threat of the Sith. She put her blade away and followed the Grand Master's command. From his Mygeeto command center, Mundi remotely participated in another Jedi High Council meeting, [1] where Kenobi revealed he had indeed discovered Grievous' location.

Jedi council sex ring in Broken Hill

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