Katniss and peeta sex and baby fanfiction in Nowra

Finally his hands disentangle from mine and he reaches for my shirt, unbuttoning it slowly from the top, his mouth touching each new bit of exposed skin. And I'm happy. One look in her gray eyes and he could see how scared she was.

Would you like to see my ID? I mentally hit myself in the head. I stop then, looking at Peeta for approval. I gasp and clutch onto his blond hair.

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It's a debt I can never repay. Memories of kisses in a cave and tender moments he thought were real and I thought were fake. When she discovers that she's pregnant, she doesn't want to break the news the ordinary way and comes up with a brilliant plan to let Peeta know that he's going to be a father.

Asks innocently. Finnick Odair, his best friend, is determined to get Peeta off the couch and back into the world. And really, what had I had in mind? Teen sex. And Haymitch has taken to raising geese!

It was like she was more tender but in the best possible way, because she could feel everything. But, just I had before I fell asleep, I want what we had just before the Quell. Peeta hopes they will blossom soon. He kisses me, and tells me he'll be home to make me lunch, and to call Prim if I need anything.

They both looked down at their daughter, comtemplating.

Katniss and peeta sex and baby fanfiction in Nowra

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