Levi x reader sex fanfic attack on titan in Syracuse

Dirt, his worst nightmare. But she intrigued him, not many people dared to try sass him as she had and a spark in her eye caught his attention whenever he saw her. I have been a member of the Scouts for a time now, and I am a squad leader.

I broke eye contact after a bit, though. Levi then glared at you. I moaned and moaned uncontrollably, I couldn't stop myself. His shirt was unbuttoned, he was hovering over you.

levi x reader sex fanfic attack on titan in Syracuse

While the emotional side of you was satisfied, you felt physically deprived. You couldn't tell if the problem was physical; it came from deep inside — you felt as if you were missing something. His voice sent vibrations through your body that made you shiver.

Then he brought his lips up to yours once more. He flooded your skin with small pecks, and then placed a line of kisses from under your breasts down to your lower stomach and back up again while still somehow keeping you lifted against the wall. Captain Levi had been especially shitty to you recently.

Levi x reader sex fanfic attack on titan in Syracuse

He moved back round looking at you from the entrance of the small dirt cave that was only a slightly taller than Levi, and he was short to say the least. I turned him on so much, it was painful. He shoved his hand over your mouth.

I'm cumming! With that he rammed inside me.

  • Where can i read the lemon?
  • Levi moaned into your ear as he pulled out.
  • Слова были странные окрашенные печалью. И ходить в непохожих -- .

He was soooooo fucking hard, I could hardly believe it. I was confused. What could he possible want from me? I wanted it inside me, it just felt so fucking good. Chapter 2 - Shared Memories 3. I tilted my head and made my lips curl into a sexy smirk and got up from my chair.

Levi x reader sex fanfic attack on titan in Syracuse

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