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My, how time does change. Filed to: TV. Time shifts again as Betty walks through the office lobby with prospective new tenants, finally renting their extra space to Flo, the Cal-O-Metric saleswoman who previously tortured Virginia.

It allows for characters to be quickly written off, gives us an air of mystery on what happened over the time leap, and provides new possibilities. Then, somewhere in year 2, after Shelly and another guy gets away, Virginia's loneliness starts to come out. Sign Up. That night, Bill goes to the hotel where he and Virginia used to meet up.

This leads him back to his wife. Runtime: 59 min. Share this page:. Loading Stack - 0 images remaining.

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Or the fact that he finally decides to forgive his mother: not all the way, but even a little bit, which may be enough for his healing process to at least begin. The conversation seems to have struck a chord with Bill, because he and Virginia are later sitting in the hotel room. The Agents Of S.

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S2 E6 Recap. But she comes asking for forgiveness, and she promises that his secrets are safe. Editors and affiliations. S3 E1 Recap.

Masters of sex review asterion suture in Preston

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