Plant sex chromosome evolution in Port Augusta

Rice WR The accumulation of sexually antagonistic genes as a selective agent promoting the evolution of reduced recombination between primitive sex chromosomes. Science— Uber spermatogenese und deren beziehung zur entwicklung bei Pyrrhocoris apterus L.

The same deleterious interactions may result in developmental failure before zygote formation in XY fruit, as they are likely to disproportionately affect tissues with high metabolic needs. Nature— A gene for the fourth plant sex chromosome evolution in Port Augusta of Drosophila.

In case of a turnover, the new sex-determining gene needs to cause a fitness increase compared to the old sex-determining gene in order to invade [ 1 ]. The recombination suppression region of the proto-sex chromosomes can expand further via the accumulation of sexually antagonistic genes i.

Plant sex chromosome evolution in Port Augusta впрямь

The departure from a XX:XY sex ratio in the offspring and the low number of total ovules in our study allows us to conclude that the development of the female gametophyte requires an X chromosome. Finally, some authors have argued that the most important way forward is more comparative studies of different sex-determining systems [ 129 ].

Vicoso B, Bachtrog D.

Please review our privacy policy. Fig 1. More theory on the links between pattern and process should help us in interpreting the results of data collection using new technologies. All mature seeds from the fruit were planted in a Metromix Scotts-Sierra Horticultural Products, Marysville, OH :greenhouse soil mixture, and transplanted to 1L pots at the 4-leaf stage.

Invited perspective: bryophytes as models for understanding the evolution of sexual systems.

Plant sex chromosome evolution in Port Augusta

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